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Seeing a gap in the market for quality healthy flavour packed and filling lunches, Palm Greens Founders, Kali and Memby founded the brand to serve up just what they would like to eat for lunch, great food, well sourced and flavour forward.

Palm Greens began as a plant based salad bar wanting to serve nutritious food to the fast paced London life, striking the balance between fresh and sustainable, with flavour and fun. 


After a 3 year residency in Netil House. 

Palm Greens is currently operating at Arcade Food Hall in central London and catering for bespoke events.


Kali's background in health supportive cooking means she has the knowledge to prepare well-balanced plant based meals. Palm Greens uses wholegrains and unrefined sugars, for greater flavour, better digestion (meaning more balanced and longer lasting energy) and more nutrients.  

While Palm Greens are passionate about nutritious eating, they also have a passion for flavour and don't believe eating healthily means you have to feel like you’re missing out. They want every bite to be exciting and memorable. 


They believe plant based eating is the future for the planet and all of its inhabitants. They look to source as seasonally and organically as possible, looking to work with local growers and producers wherever possible. Any food they don’t make in house, they take care to choose like minded businesses to work with. Their bread comes from E5 Bakehouse and their tempeh from Club Cultured in Hackney Wick. Their greens are supplied by local traders, Wild Organics at Broadway Market and their  quinoa is grown in the UK.

Take away packaging is sourced from environmentally conscious companies and allpackaging is compostable where possible or fully recyclable, with an aim  for 100% compostable in the future.  

Their ethos is centred around a culinary experience connected with nature and sustainability,bringing vegetables and wholegrains to the centre stage of a meal. They take great pride in using quality produce and believe the diner will be rewarded with the flavour and experience. 


Always looking for various ways to have fun with food, they regularly host quarterly supper clubs with changing menus and a focus on quality and community. 


Kali’s cooking looks to find the balance in cooking between uplifting, healthy and delicious. Her love of travel combined with her interest in nutritious, mindful cooking heavily influence the flavours and style of her food.

Kali started cooking in London but was drawn to New York’s vibrant and forward-thinking food scene. She went on to study at the Natural Gourmet Institute, a cooking school that focuses on vegetarian health-supportive cooking. When she returned to London Kali started private cheffing, hosting supper clubs, dinner parties and developing recipes. 

Kali’s food developed over the years, moving to be more sustainable, seasonal cooking. She looks to source the best ingredients, grown locally, and organically where possible.  While her food is vegetable and whole-focused, her travels influence the flavours, techniques and energy of her food. 

After working in the music industry for over 20 years, Memby has a passion for making people happy and bringing them together through food and music. Working as a host at his favourite restaurant, his love for food and hospitality grew and it encouraged his desire and drive to work for something he believes in. Memby always strives to give every guest the best experience, whether he’s playing music or serving great food and drinks. 

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