Our Mission


To serve well sourced, flavour packed, fresh plant based salads and snacks. Fast food that fits with the city’s pace, without skimping on quality, ethics, taste and fun.

To be cruelty free, make delicious, fresh, healthy food that is easily accessible, food that benefits the mind and body while keeping connections with our community and our planet.


We want to take the thinking out of eating this way by creating easily accessible, delicious meals freshly prepared for you to enjoy.


Slow food


Everything is made from scratch using whole food ingredients.  We take the time to source and prepare real food with thought and care so that you can easily enjoy this way of eating, even when you’re in a rush. 


Plant Based


Our food is free of animal produce, it's nutritionally balanced so you're still getting everything you need. 


Feel Good Food


Kali's background in healthy supportive cooking means she has the knowledge to prepare well balanced meals.  We use whole foods and grains to optimise on nutrients and cut down on waste.  This is food that will energise you. 


Locally sourced


We aim to source as seasonally and locally as possible.  Looking to build relationships and work with local growers and producers wherever possible.  Our greens are supplied by fellow local traders, Wild Organics at Broadway Market and even our Quinoa is grown in the UK. 


Sustainability and environmental awareness


Sourcing food and ingredients as sustainably as possible. The packaging we use is from environmentally friendly companies, that are compostable. 

We go a step further offering discounts to those bring their own lunch boxes. We also stock Black & Blum lunchboxes, beautifully made, leakproof and stylish.