Grunge Wood


Feel like having an array of vibrant dishes packed with goodness, to share amongst friends, family or colleagues? You're in luck, as Palm Greens doesn't only provide an in-house menu based on the principles of permaculture, but also caters to your very needs at home or at any event. Through our catering service, you can enjoy a plant-based culinary experience from London’s best salad bar, wherever you please.


If you're looking for an organic and delicious way to cater an event, Palm Greens is your best option for plant-based feel-good food. We offer delicious and healthy options, whether it be for office catering, party snacks or a breakfast function, we will meet your needs.


Get in touch to book us for lunchtime catering, dinner parties and canapé events.


We are happy to discuss and tailor menus to work out one to suit you and your needs, providing the best catering service for plant-based goodness in London.

View our menu below!


Palm Greens Menu - Catering 2022 pg 1.png
Palm Greens Menu - Catering 2022 pg 2.png