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Cavolo nero, butter beans, British quinoa, kohlrabi, cashew caesar dressing, parsley, roasted almonds, crispy capers and sourdough croutons.


(N, M) 

Quinoa, black beans, roast squash, shredded cabbage, kale, pickled onion topped with a roasted cauliflower tostada, chipotle crema and guajillo oil.

(SS, N, M, GF) 

Ginger tempeh, raw shredded beets & carrots, British quinoa, seasonal leaves, basil and tamari seeds with a ginger carrot dressing.

(SS, S, GF )

Freekah, roast cauliflower, chopped broccoli, dried fig, roast walnuts, preserved lemon and fresh herbs with a dollop of tahini and pickled veg.

(SS, N)